New Year, New You…Right?

New Year, New You…Right?

By Michael Waters Phase 1 Sports

Yes, it is the time that we all reflect on the previous year and set new goals for the next. Now that 2018 is in full swing, let’s talk about those new goals. The fitness goals, relationship goals, and maybe even spiritual goals. My expertise is in fitness. Fitness is the industry that allows me to earn a living, help thousands of people, and inspire the next generation. So this time of year is special for me. It is a time that people will be in search of a gym, a trainer, and most importantly accountability. Before I go any further and head down the normal path of promoting Phase 1 Sports, I want to go a different direction.

Most people never accomplish their “new year, new you” goals. With it being my 15th year in the fitness industry, I believe there is a better thought process to increase your chances of being successful. Fitness or not, we all need motivation. When you reach a certain level of success, it becomes easier to stay on track and continue to pursue those New Year resolutions. We are only a few weeks in to January, how do you continue to stay focused and disciplined? There hasn’t been any results nor success, just the pain of change. So, before you start to lose the fire and excitement of the New Year, here is what I want you to think about.

Regret! Not the regret of the past, but the regret that you will feel if you don’t give this everything you have. As you pursue your fitness, relationships, or any other goal, here is how you keep it simple and on the right track. Don’t focus on succeeding or failing, focus on giving it everything you have! If you fall off, simply get back on… That’s how you accomplish your goals and become the “New You.”

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